Motiv 01



The slim SAPHIR column-mounted air curtains have been specially designed to be placed at the sides of revolving doors and curved sliding doors.

The housing of the devices is adapted to the shape of the curved double door system so that the SAPHIR air curtains nestle discreetly against the door system in a space-saving manner.

Motiv 02
that needs to be prevented predominantly occurs in the lower area. For this reason, the air is discharged from SAPHIR devices at greater speeds close to the floor than is the case higher up.
  • No visible screw or rivet connections
  • Air discharge with pressure chamber nozzle system
  • The air is discharged horizontally at the entrance to the door, thereby preventing the outdoor air that is moved by the blade movement of the rotating doors from getting into the building.
  • The most effective air discharge is in the area around the bottom 2/3 of the clear height of the door (which is the critical area in the case of revolving doors). The air curtain housing gives the impression of continuing right through to the revolving door support

Examples of applications

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