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Equipped with the CORRIGO® air discharge system
The A-Series from Teddington sets new price/performance standards for all Shop & Business applications. These quality devices using lamella technology can be precisely adapted to suit local conditions, help you to save energy efficiently and reliably and to protect the environment.
These devices are the smart solution for efficiently screening doors up to 3.25 m in height.

Teddington A-Series with pivoting air discharge element
With the Teddington A-Series you can pivot the discharge element in both directions, thereby individually adapting the air curtain to suit local conditions.


  • Versatile devices with adjustable CORRIGO® air discharge system
  • Pre-assembled design for simple installation
  • uitable for almost all installation situations
  • Stable, self-supporting housing

  • Quality powder coating in
    RAL 9016
  • Four performance categories
  • Four models
  • Five installation lengths

  • Attractive desig
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple operation by
    of infinitely variable (EC fans),
    5-stage or 3-stage controllers
  • Quality – Made in Germany

Examples of applications

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