Listed building with comfort zone

Air curtain systems for St. Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, one of the largest sacred domes in the world, provides space for over 10,000 visitors. Some three million people visit the monument each year, a constant coming and going. Following a long approval procedure, two air curtain systems from Teddington have been screening the entrance and exit areas from draughts and lost energy since the winter of 2015/2016.

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Air curtain systems in modern shop fitting

Teddington supports sustainable concept in retail stores

Operating high-end retail stores demands a consistent concept that takes a variety of aspects into consideration. The money spent on achieving a good indoor atmosphere is an important economic factor here. Air curtain systems from Teddington reduce energy costs by up to 80 percent compared to unprotected doors. They also create a pleasant, draught-free atmosphere. After all, 60 percent of purchase decisions are made directly in the shop, while staff also welcome a workplace which is at a comfortable temperature.

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Marine giants from Papenburg

Teddington air curtain systems for the best cruise ship climate

Cruise ships provide space for around 4000 passengers, offering the utmost comfort for enjoyable voyages. An air conditioning system that circulates several million cubic metres an hour guarantees a constant indoor atmosphere despite very diverse outdoor temperatures. One problem here lies in the numerous doors connecting the outside area to the inside of the ship. Every time these open there is an exchange between the air masses inside and outside. The expensively conditioned air inside escapes, while humid, sultry tropical air flows in. The Papenburger Meyer shipyard solved the problem by building a new ship with air curtain systems from Teddington.

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Shopping Mall

Grand Canyon in Saint Petersburg

Teddington screens one of the biggest shopping malls

While the famous Grand Canyon natural monument has been work in progress for 65 million years, the “Grand Canyon” in Saint Petersburg was erected in a short time and opened in 2006. We are talking here about one of the biggest shopping malls in the Russian Federation. The open design inside provides generous space for visitors, but was also characterised by draughts and cold temperatures during the Russian winter.

With a population of more than 4.8 million, Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in the Russian Federation after Moscow and is one of the biggest cities in Europe. The most northerly city in the world with over a million inhabitants is a centre for culture and research and development, and an outstanding business location and traffic hub. It presents modern Russia, also in the form of numerous shopping centres.

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