Technichal Data Friguvent


Self-supporting housing made from a bond of aluminium sections and sheet steel in the shade RAL 9010. The device is also available in a colour of the customer's choice or optionally in stainless steel*.

With an air intake opening underneath by means of a perforated plate, coated in the same colour as the device, which simultaneously serves as an inspection opening and can be accessed easily for maintenance purposes.

The CONVERGO® pressure chamber nozzle system with a large air discharge angle adjustment range that is almost loss-free, requires only little energy and achieves optimum screening results.

AC or EC fans (230V/IP54). The device is designed in accordance with protection class IP 54.

Mode of operation

The air curtain system is switched on by an external contact when the chiller room door is opened. A sharp air current with high screening performance is placed in front of the entire door opening (air barrier) by one or more dual inlet radial fans and by the pressure chamber nozzle system.

The output and width of the device comply with the door measurements, the height of the chiller room and the temperature difference between anteroom and chiller room.

It is possible to adapt to the operating conditions by making manual adjustments to the air discharge angle or changing the air volume. The width of the device should correspond to the clear width of the opening.

Controller / Accessories

The sturdily built, reliable FST (5-stage) controller is located in a plastic housing (protection class IP 54), completely ready for connection, with transformer, main switch, step switch and motor protection using thermal contacts.